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Have you ever started out on a journey, on fire to put a plan into action, anxious to move toward your goals and dreams, only to be met with naysayers and cynics? It may be time to change your surroundings.

One of the things I love most about the trail running community is the camaraderie and encouraging environment. Even the fastest runners cheer you on, inspire you to keep going when it gets tough, and help you out when they see you are struggling. In every area of my life, I choose to be with others who are willing to build me up and challenge me to greatness.

What kind of people are part of your circle?

Take some time to think about those who have a significant influence in your life, either because of your relationship with them or the amount of time you spend with them. How do those people impact your day, week, life? Do they share your fire and inspire you to be your best, or do they challenge your sense of adventure and knock you down when you are moving toward your goals?

Seek out those who will encourage you to greatness, who will support you and build you up along the way. Surround yourself with those people more and more, and gradually one of two things will happen: the naysayers will become supporters or they will gradually step away.

If you have identified that you need more supporters and motivators in your life, I would be happy to be one of them. Contact me at Let’s chat about your goals and dreams and how we can partner to help you achieve health and wellness in your life.

Connecting mind, body, heart, and soul to facilitate complete and lasting transformation.

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