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Have a vision. Set goals. Plan your work. Work your plan. Go. Go. Go. There’s a lot to be said for taking action and making your vision become reality, but what happens when that is all you focus on?

Many of you know I recently completed a significant run. It was something I was determined to do. I trained as best I could. I ate what my body needed to be healthy, and I prepared my mind for the challenge of running this distance. At the end of this run, I had only a handful of pictures representing this tremendous accomplishment. Where did that time go?

My friends began asking me for pictures. Some regret started creeping in, but then I realized I had chosen to run happy. I had chosen to be fully present on the course, and I have 21 hours of cherished memories.

How do you live your life? Are you so focused on the goal that you miss all the beauty in the journey? Each day is full of wonderful new opportunities. Take time to recognize and be grateful for the beauty that lies within each day.

Where are your pictures?

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