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The Power of Choice

There it is right in front of you: the choice to be healthy or to choose something else. Why does it not always feel like a choice, but more a pull in the opposite direction? Here are two reasons that come to mind: you are not fully present in your day, or your ‘WHY’ is not strong enough.

Since I talked about your ‘WHY’ several weeks ago, let’s talk about being present in your daily life. How often throughout your day are you just going through motions, getting tasks done and checking them off the list? Are you really 100% there in each moment, or are you letting your circumstances, your work, your family drive your day?

Think about your routine in the morning and how that sets you up for your day. Do you start your day with TV News and emails or with mindful meditation (even if it is only five minutes)? Are the kids jumping out of bed in into yours waking you up and calling for breakfast, or do you get up a few minutes before them to start your day with intention?

When you are mindful and intentional, you can make choices that are aligned with your values and goals. Each of those choices - oatmeal rather than donut, water rather than soda, exercise rather than couch time - builds your confidence and your energy, since your actions are aligned with your goals.

Take some time to ponder your actions compared to your goals this week. Are they aligned?

If you would like a coach and partner to help you on this journey to health and wellness, contact me I am here with and for you.

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