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Motivation Matters

You’ve identified the changes you want to make and why it is important to you, but you are just not quite on the train to get there. I've seen this many times, and one of the contributing factors is not being able to clearly see yourself having achieved your goals. Those who can clearly see their success are more likely to get there. Ask yourself a few questions:

· What does your life look like when you’ve reached your goal? Be specific.

· How do you feel when you’ve reached your goal?

· How do other people see you when you’ve reached your goal?

Want even more? Make a list of pro’s and con’s of staying where you are compared to getting to your goals. Here is an example.

I want have more energy, so I need to exercise and eat healthy. One of the small changes I need to make is that I should stop eating before bed.

Pro- I sleep better, I wake up feeling better, I have more energy in the morning to work out, I don’t get heartburn, I lose weight, I don’t have to wash more dishes, etc.

Con- I am a little hungry before bed, I miss out on my comfort food, I have to change my nighttime routine, etc.

Each of the Cons can be addressed easily, removing any reason not to make the change. Sounds simple, right? It's not always that simple, and sometimes you need someone on the outside who can see you from an objective and caring point of view. Contact me if you would like a coach along your journey to being your best self.

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