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Eat to Live or Live to Eat? That is the question

What drives you to eat? Is it truly hunger, or is it something else? So often, we mask our emotions with food, we celebrate with food, we socialize with food, we use food as our companion. While food can be very enjoyable, it can also be a downfall. Learning to eat mindfully is an important step in your health and weight loss journey.

BEFORE YOU EAT, slow down and take a few deep breaths. Check in with your body. Are you truly hungry? What are you feeling? Do you know what you want to eat, and is that coming from your body signals or your emotions?

AFTER YOU EAT, take some time to notice and write down how you feel both physically and emotionally. Are you energized and happy or lethargic and feeling guilty? Journaling after you eat is a great step to identifying and changing foods and habits that may be negatively impacting you.

Remember - Complete and lasting weight loss transformation is a journey. It takes time and commitment. If you want a partner on this journey who has been where you are and successfully lost well over 100 pounds, contact me at

We can do this together.

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