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Choose Sleep

You are tired, you have brain fog, you succumb to cravings, your progress has come to a halt even though you are working out regularly. Why? Could it be lack of sleep?

Sleep is a critical part of health and well-being, yet most people rarely get enough sleep: have to take care of the kids, have to work, have to exercise, have to clean, have to prepare meals, have to (insert your reason). Eventually something has to give, and, most often, it is your health.

So…..How many hours of good sleep do you get each night? Can you honestly say you get eight hours of solid sleep? If not, here is my challenge for you this week: change your schedule and sleep. This may even mean exchanging your workout for one more hour of sleep. Journal how you are feeling and the progress you are making during this week.

If you want more information and support in your journey toward health, I would love to be there with you. Email me at robin@x4mationfitness.comor visit my website for more information. We can do this together.

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