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Be Still and Transform

One of my favorite sayings is “Your body benefits from movement, and your mind benefits from stillness.” Stillness is something so hard for us to do these days. We live in a country that tells us to go, go, go. While getting going is great for your body, if not combined with intentional stillness, you will miss out on the beauty of this journey called life.

This was me. Get up, get going, get all your tasks done, eat, sleep, repeat. I was very successful in the eyes of those around me, yet I was missing the simple every day joys of life, and I had lost touch with my body. I was not paying attention to some key signals my body was trying to give me. It was not until I hit a point of pure exhaustion during yoga teacher training that it hit me like a freight train - STOP and be PRESENT. This is a necessity if you are going to truly transform your body. You must be able to listen.

It may be difficult at first to quiet your mind, but in time you will learn to be still. Here are some suggestions to incorporate stillness into your day:

1) Morning meditation (this can be just a few minutes if you are pressed for time) - Sit in a comfortable chair, place both feet on the floor, rest your hands in your lap, and take 10 slow deep breaths in and out. Focus on the air as it enters and exits your body.

2) Lunch - step away from your desk for lunch to clear your mind and focus on your meal. Take a nice slow deep breath in and out before you eat to settle your mind and your body.

3) Bedtime - Take five minutes to sit and journal what you are grateful for. Take several slow deep breaths in and out.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are ready go below the surface and focus on transforming your health and wellness, lets schedule time to talk. Email me at robin@x4mationfitness.comor visit

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