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Individual Instruction, Small Group Sessions,  Special Events, and Retreats


Yoga Therapy

Heal, grow, and transform through individual or small group yoga sessions designed specifically for your needs

(beginner to advanced, recovery, preventative, transitional)


Power Vinyasa

Experience yoga in a way that will challenge you physically and mentally, connecting breath to form, combining stillness and movement


Yoga Sculpt

Combine the forms of yoga with toning and sculpting your body using body weight and hand weights


Enjoy fully supported yoga forms that are intended to release muscle work and relax the body, mind, spirit. 


Go beyond stretching to the deeper aspects of your body through stillness in postures designed to focus on your joints and connective tissue.

12 Step and Recovery

Discover the power of God to release and heal you from addiction. 



Robin is a catalyst for transformation, helping others discover and move toward their God-given potential. She delivers Christ-centered tools designed to support the whole person - mind (transformational coaching), body (yoga, yoga therapy, nutrition, Ayurveda), and spirit (prayer, community, bible study). 


Robin has a lifetime of experience in health and fitness, having grown up in gymnastics and becoming a coach.  Like so many, she has experienced trauma, demanding careers, and battling obesity.  She gives God all the glory for overcoming and being where she is today and desires to share that with the world.   

Robin is a certified YogaFaith Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT / C-FYTH / R-CYATH), Master Yoga Trainer, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor, Precision Nutrition Coach, Maxwell Certified DISC Trainer/Consultant, and Maxwell Leadership Coach.


Hear What Others Have to Say

After having surgeries to hold my entire back together with rods, pins and screws, I was struggling to do even the simplest movements.  When it was safe to do so, Robin started helping me use yoga to regain some flexibility and then strength. I have to admit I was a little skeptical, but her patience and understanding has been amazing as she has guided me through a variety of postures and breathing techniques.  Her ability to tailor a workout to my needs and her gentleness in helping me do it have helped me regain more functionality than I thought possible.

~Betsy Sprague - Virginia

Robin is a talented instructor. She is thorough, caring and expert in her teaching, demonstration and technique. I highly recommend her.

~Cathy - New York

Robin is an amazing instructor!!! Her classes are personalized, she knows her students needs, is patient, and such a great teacher! I love her Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Sculpt, and Stretching. Doing her yoga classes absolutely helps with my other athletic performance, and flexibility! I’m thankful for her mad skillz that she shares!


~Donna Wu - Drinkers & Foodies with a Running Addiction


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